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Jumin, while doing so, has the benefit of Zen a chance to star during the a cat food commercial getting his organization

Jumin, while doing so, has the benefit of Zen a chance to star during the a cat food commercial getting his organization

Jumin, while doing so, has the benefit of Zen a chance to star during the a cat food commercial getting his organization

Prominent Route

Into MC’s addition, Zen is quite flirtatious for the the lady, and is one of many quicker doubtful members of the group with the MC along with her measures. Zen is very discover into the MC, and casually flirts together with her if you are befriending their, believing that she’s got a intentions into the joining the brand new RFA. Throughout the first four days, Zen together with MC normally participate in lighthearted, flirtatious banter and you may she will be able to compliment your for the his appears, and this bring about Zen’s recognition additionally the one or two expanding nearer.

Zen’s Route

Zen’s hearts; hype him right up, healthy their appearance, tell you demand for his pretending and have a dislike regarding kittens to track down her or him!

In case the pro seems to pass the overall game part on the Zen’s station, both she and you will Zen quickly getting really intimate, far into displeasure away from Jaehee, which feels one to its relationships could possibly get wreck Zen’s field which will be constantly trying alert this new MC to remain out of Zen; according to MC’s steps, she can sometimes calm Jaehee’s concerns for her and Zen’s matchmaking, otherwise tell Jaehee to mind her very own business. Eventually, Zen is out there an opportunity to run a task that have the fresh well-known musician Reflect Girl, that can a lot more improve his dominance. Zen disagrees that have getting a beneficial foothold about activities globe due to help you nepotism more than their skill together with with a cat allergy, and you will, immediately following a heated dispute, tries to confirm his value because of the exercising.

With the seventh-day out-of their route, Zen turns out spraining his foot off overexertion so when an excellent influence, looks like are taken when he are upset from the applicant out-of shedding the part. At the same time, the guy continues to decline Jumin’s bring. Regarding mid-day, the guy suits Reflect Woman while to purchase goldfish cash in front of their family, and even with their attention out-of withdrawing on the character, Echo Woman cravings him to keep, using the lady influence to save Zen about manufacturing.

Other RFA professionals agree to upload the player out over see Zen so you’re able to brighten your up, and you can Jumin creates a plan to own transportation to the standing you to she convinces Zen so you can design having his pet food commercial. In the event that visit concludes, Zen brings the player through to the brand new roof to help you stargaze, and you will confides his earlier in the day together. He admits that he rejected Jumin’s let due to their resemblance so you can his elderly aunt, and you can seems which he is move on with her let. Right after the ball player is distributed family, Reflect Lady gets to Zen’s flat planning to woo him; although not, Zen rejects the lady improves and you can delivers this lady back once again to the girl director. The very next day, Mirror Woman meets both Jumin and you can Zen separately, threatening so you’re able to ruin their images. It results in Zen getting accused away from sexually assaulting Mirror Lady on television, smearing their name substantially, later with gossip that Jumin was gay.

Jumin try undeterred and you may enlists Eight to find information to help you confirm Zen’s purity. Meanwhile, Zen shuts off at against the latest you’ll prevent from his job since he or she is only the lowest-level actor linked with short-scale musicals. Jumin therefore the user encourage him to-be confident, however, he gets to be more upset. He flights his bicycle so you’re able to a secret spot to relax. After getting in touch with V, Jumin finds him to possess confrontation and provides him a chance to operate in the a commercial to have good teacup organization that their father has just received to simply help restore their character. Zen involves terms with his relatives things, knowing that Jumin was just seeking to help your. The guy believes so you’re able to model about cat commercial rather than the teacup industrial. He gets thankful of your RFA, particularly MC, who assisted your understand the thinking of anybody else, and you will passionate him so you’re able to reconnect together with his own relatives. He informs the lady which he intentions to technically query this lady so you’re able to become their girlfriend following group.

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